Wireless Home Network

As heard on the Radio - Wireless Home Network

Tired of unsightly wires? Wish you could locate your computer in any room of the house but don't have the cabling to do so? Sick of fighting over your internet connection with other family members? We can install a combination wireless/wired network in your home at a low introductory rate of $250. Our solution will give you the ability to have one computer hard wired at the location of your modem, and connect another computer via wireless connection in any other location of the house. Both machines will be able to access the internet simultanuously with no extra monthly costs. Call 474-1999 for more information, or read the details below.

Price Includes

  • 1 Wireless router
  • 1 Wireless network card
  • 1 Wired network card (if needed)
  • Labor for install
  • Sharing of single internet connection between 2 computers

Minimum Requirements

  • Each computer must have Windows 98 or higher
  • Laptops need an open PCMCIA slot
  • Desktops need an open PCI slot
  • If there are no open slots a USB option may be available upon request
  • Must have either Cable or DSL internet access
  • Range varies depending on building materials
  • *Computers must be in good working order


  • Connectivity with Macintosh Available
  • Additional machines can be added at no extra monthly cost
  • Depending on operating system compatiblity drives and printers may be able to be shared between both computers
*See our Residential section to find out more about our Computer Tune-ups and repair services.