Social Media Marketing Services Must Still Be About Results

Too many social media gurus seem to forget that the ultimate goal of social media marketing strategies is sales. Too much of it sounds like ‘build it and they will come.’ As business people, we know better…

Marketing through social media should still be marketing…

That means that it must be integrated into your current marketing plan. And it shouldn’t require hours of aimlessly wandering through the maze of social media sites. You need a plan that involves targeted social media marketing strategies designed to accomplish your marketing goals. We can do that.

What else should be part of your social media marketing mix?

Social media marketing strategies involve much more than just Facebook and Twitter. can design and manage campaigns for you involving:

  • Social media sites (creating profiles, managing pages, creating followers, converting followers into traffic)
  • Email marketing (designing newsletters, writing autoresponders, email marketing plans)
  • Video marketing (creating short videos, insert on your website, upload to video sites)
  • Blog management (providing content, integrating with social media sites, bookmarking campaigns)