Effective Search Engine Optimization Means Results. Period.

Let’s face it. Effective search engine optimization should really mean lots of people buying your products or services or becoming viable sales leads. You’re really not looking for a bunch of technical mumbo-jumbo or ‘geek-speak.’ You want sales…

Search engine optimization does not mean you jump to the top of Google…

Some people have unrealistic ideas about search engine optimization. While one of our goals is to get you top search engine positioning, you should know that the ultimate goal is to increase the number of people who come to your website specifically looking for your products or services. We want buyers…

Remember this: The most important thing is not where you are in the search engines. What’s really important is constantly and steadily increasing the number of visitors to your website who want what you sell.

A good search engine marketing solution is not designed to be a ‘home run.’ It’s a series of ‘base hits’ that over time, make your website more attractive to the search engines and bring in more buyers or sales leads.

Step two is your link building campaign…

When your website has been fully optimized, the next step is a long-term link building campaign. The purpose and benefits are two-fold:

  • Get your website found in as many places as possible to drive ever more people to your website…
  • Convince the search engines that your website should steadily move up in the search engine rankings

What about local search engine optimization?

Many businesses are strictly local or within a limited geographical region. We have a search engine marketing solution specifically designed for local business. It involves:

  • Keyword research
  • Onsite optimization
  • Submit your business to Google Maps and optimize your listing
  • Local directory submissions
  • Local site reviews